Appointments, Activities, and a Plan

Companion life services gets you safely to where you need or want to be, because we know even easy tasks can sometimes be difficult for the elderly, the disabled, the blind, new parents or even just those in need after an outpatient procedure.

We specialize in companion services that don't require in home care and care management from us.  We don't require crazy minimums that will break the bank.  In Portland we can provide seniors and disabled people with an option of freedom and good experiences around town.

A simple cup of coffee or a trip to the beach, we are with you every step of the way. When’s the last time you enjoyed a movie night out?

Assistance with check-in and check-out, or An extra set of “ears” during your medical appointment. A stop at the pharmacy and Feedback to your family.


Companion Life Services, 2017

Companion Life Services


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