A Professional Buddy System

In her 20’s a young woman was involved in a bad car accident, now in her 50’s she still wants to get out for some fun and distraction.  She lives in assisted living here in Portland, she has her basic daily needs met by a caring and well liked staff while she is home.  People there take her nowhere.


She likes to go out for Chinese food, she likes to have lunch and then go shopping at Fred Meyer or Walmart.  She has a motorized wheelchair and she gets her hair done every six weeks.  We take her there, we stay with her, we laugh with her.  Life goes on, away from home, we make sure of it.  These are life services that don’t end at home.  Time to get out again, time to live it up again.

Companion Life Services fills a critical need, lost in the assisted living community.  It is the ability to act as an individual.  Assisted living facilities are geared towards group activities.  They simply don't have the staff to meet the individual social and medical needs of all of their residents.  Mostly they just provide transportation for group outings, or to get a client to and from a medical appointment without staying with them. This puts the burden on the family to go to every medical appointment.


Companion Life Services solves this problem by giving the family and the client the freedom to do what they as an individual wants.  We are with the client the entire time, and can visit with doctors taking notes if necessary.  We fill this critical need when the Assisted Living communities can not.


A young boy grew up around horses, riding almost daily with his mother, he loves horses.  He is now in his 50’s, lost his sight a few years ago.  He still rides horses today, we take him a few days each week now, you can hear the happiness in his voice, his smiles are large, laughter fills the barn as he says the horse’s name.


He still loves going to the movies too, something about the big sounds, the popcorn and that movie theater soda that he just loves.  Some cinemas even let our companions in for free!  Better than movie night at home, movies with a friend at the theater.


Some days he just wants to drive, feel the wind with the windows down and listen to classic rock with a Pepsi.

Willamette National Cemetary

The third Thursday in Portland there is a memorial service at the Veteran’s cemetery near Mt. Scott.  We are proud to escort many of our Veterans for both social and medical outings.


We are companions to one Vietnam Vet who goes to this memorial service every month to reconnect with friendly faces and his memories of his service days.  He loves strawberry milkshakes afterward.


We proudly participate with the ODVA (Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs), let us know if you need help and we can guide you to some of the fine people we know there.  We offer discounted services for our armed services members.

Some people love to just get out and take a long brisk walk.  We walk with a woman in her 70’s twice a week because she is in assisted living and frankly she blows past everybody at the home who has tried to keep up with her.  She has Alzheimer’s so walking by her self is not possible, but she loves walking through the neighborhoods talking about the landscaping, the flowers in bloom, the holiday lights and times of her past.  We share stories as we walk.  She could happily walk all day, but an hour and a half seems to put the smile back on her face on Mondays and Thursdays.  Time can change with one small outing, bring back expectation and excitement from the day to day.  Her family is happy she is doing something she loves again, even though it is as simple as a walk.

Companion Life Services, 2017

Companion Life Services


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A Professional Buddy System

A Professional Buddy System